• Pricing (simple page about how and why you need a quote as it's all bespoke)
  • Terms & Conditions


  • Finalise brand
  • link from hoodiehut to this site


  • About Us
  • Testimonials
  • Our Process, how it works, how to order (same thing)
  • Blog (for SEO)
  • Video with the footage we shot.
  • Landing page (to consider)


  • Printed Clothing (main page with wufoo form at end like printed hoodies on hoodiehut)
  • create wufoo form(s) and style for mobile use as well as web.
  • Delivery (time and cost)
  • Case Studies (a separate page for all 4 case studies with images and a write up)
  • Contact Us (if you need to ask a few questions call us, if you're ready to order "get started)
  • FAQ's (although could do with pricing questions linking straight to pricing and delivery questions to the delivery page.)
  • Link domain to site
  • sign up properly to squarespace and start paying
  • Create a suitable footer for easy navigation of links.
  • Setup Instagram account